Advocacy Services

Advocates can help people with mental health difficulties to stand up for their rights, and offer support and representation at meetings such as ward rounds or outpatient appointments. There are different types of advocacy services available in the local area that may be able to help as follows:

  • If you are living in the community or in a hospital facility you may request assistance from a formal advocate.
  • Should you be detained in hospital under a section of the Mental Health Act, then you have a legal entitlement to an Independent Mental Health Advocate (IMHA).
  • If at any time you are detained under Secure Services at Brockfield House, Runwell, then you can request the assistance of a Secure Services Advocate based in the hospital.


Provider Service
Contact Details
Thurrock Mind
01375 391411
Thurrock only
0300 456 2370
Essex (excluding Thurrock & Southend)
PohWer Formal Advocacy
0300 456 2370
Thurrock only
Together IMHA
Southend only
Together Formal Advocacy
Southend only
Basildon Mind
Secure Services Advocacy 01268 568089
Brockfield House, Runwell

SEAP (in partnership with Essex Advocacy)

Support, Empowerment, Advocacy, Promotion

Formal Advocacy
0300 343 5736
Essex (excluding Thurrock & Southend)

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